The Community Foundation

of Randolph County

1 Taylor Street Room 106

Chester, Illinois 62233

618.826.5000 Ext. 221

Who We Are

The Community Foundation of Randolph County is acknowledged by the Illinois Secretary of State and the Illinois Attorney General as a not-for-profit corporation chartered in Randolph County, Illinois. The Foundation is registered with the Randolph County Clerk and is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Any contribution to the Foundation is a tax-deductible, charitable donation. Board members volunteer their time and talent.


Our Vision ... The Community Foundation of Randolph County's Board of Directors will work to inspire positive transformation for the residents and assets in our community … for this, and future generations.

Amy Barbeau

Prairie du Rocher


Chris Blechle



Michele Cross

Wine Hill


Shea Haury



Melanie Johnson



Mary Koester

Red Bud


Christopher Martin



Stephanie Martin



Robert Myerscough



Klay Tiemann



Executive Committee


According to Foundation By-laws, the Executive Committee shall have and exercise all of the authority of the Board of Directors in intervals between board meetings, the responsibility of managing the Community Foundation of Randolph County, work as a liaison to the community, serve as a counsel for the president, and coordinate the work of the full board.


Christopher Martin, President

Michelle Cross, Vice President

Melanie Johnson, Secretary

Klay Tiemann, Treasurer


Marketing Committee


The Marketing Committee determines the marketing and advertisement strategies, tactics, and key messages of the Community Foundation.


Stephanie Martin, Chair

Christopher Martin

Mary Koester


Investment & Finance Committee


The Investment & Finance Committee is responsible for the overall stewardship of the Community Foundation of Randolph County’s endowments, assets and investment management services. The Committee monitors the accuracy of the financial records, oversees the annual budget, ensures the compliance with federal, state, and other requirements related to finances, and serves as the audit committee of the Community Foundation of Randolph County on behalf of the Board of Directors.


Klay Tiemann, Chair

Robert Myerscough

Shea Haury


Nominating Committee


The Nominating Committee identifies suitable, county-wide candidates to serve on the Board of Directors.


Chris Blechle, Chair

Michele Cross


Board of Directors

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